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We started off with a Tuition Centre in 1995 and have gone on to the provision of expert online and home tutors through  Buffalo Tutors. It was the realisation of  how difficult it was for you to connect with people who can teach various subjects, skills and topics you want to learn at home. And COVID-19 led to our establishment of a strong online tutoring presence.


A mother of 2 children told us that she had to combine her busy work schedule with tutoring her kids at home. As she could not find a tutor for them in more than 5 months of searching.

We fulfilled her need of a tutor and have successfully done so for thousands of others for over two decades and counting!

Now you can learn the things that matter to you

From improving academic performance for kids and adults, to excelling at various local, international and professional exams and even mastering skills like Public Speaking, Photography, Music etc., Buffalo Tutors helps you connect with qualified private tutors, instructors, coaches and mentors in your community.

We assess every tutor against the highest standards for quality in each subject, verify their IDs, facilitate background checks and continuously evaluate tutor performance so that you can always be confident of learning from the very best. 

Also, Buffalo Tutors gives you the power to examine and hire your perfect tutors, as well as determine how you want lessons to be delivered – either hourly or monthly.

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