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Buffalo Tutors helps you connect with qualified tutors in your area to master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to you.

Trusted Professionals

Every tutor is experienced, friendly, manually screened, and thoroughly vetted for highest quality.

Learn at Your Pace

Book online in about 60 seconds and plan your private lessons according to your own schedule.

Safe and Secure

Trusted by 100s of happy parents, professionals and students with more than 90% success rate.

Get your child a home tutor

Are you satisfied with your child’s academic performance? Do you think he / she can do better academically? Do you need a competent home tutor to help shape the academic performance of your child? If so, get your child a home tutor today and see him / her move from average to excellent.

Our Happy Parents and Clients!

Mrs Idris, Ikeja, Lagos

It was quite difficult getting expert tutors to teach my children after school hours. Buffalo Tutors met my above needs by providing me with academically sound and considerate tutors that delivered quality lessons professionally. I will recommend Buffalo Tutors any day.

Mrs Shola, PH Rivers State

In my children’s academics, one area that has posed a challenge is getting qualified after-school tutors. It has never been this easy for me to find nearby tutors to meet this need. I am quite impressed with the quality of tutors at Buffalo Tutors and the checks put in place to ensure quality delivery, professionalism and proper feedback. Well done Buffalo Tutors!

Mr Adabs, Port Harcourt

I love Buffalo Tutors! Their tutors are professional, experienced and know how to teach/explain subjects to children. As working parents, it was not easy to teach my child after a hard day's job; and he needed help with his academics. Buffalo Tutors provided top quality tutors that did a great job! For me, it's Buffalo Tutors all the way.

Tonye Jacobs (Student) US

Buffalo Tutors provided the tutors that taught me and guided me through my IGCSE and I came out with flying colours. The tutors from Buffalo Tutors were highly experienced and very good - their teaching methods made IGCSE maths very easy for me! The tutors were wonderful - thank you Buffalo Tutors!

Mr Tokunbo Surulere, Lagos

I am glad to say that with Buffalo tutors you get your money's worth. The teachers are prompt, knowledgeable, diligent and dedicated to their students .Going the extra mile to make sure the student grasp every concept taught to them. Would happily recommend them to anybody who needs online or home tutoring services.

Mrs Wells, Abuja

Buffalo Tutors are the BEST! They are experienced and know what they are doing. My son, Charles, needed help with his school works. It was not easy as a working parent to come home and still have time for my son’s homework. Buffalo Tutors came in and bridged the gap. Today, he is doing well, all thanks to Buffalo Tutors.

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    Buffalo Tutors has been providing home tutoring opportunities since 1997. If you are passionate about education and have outstanding subject knowledge, please  join us to elevate the quality of education in our country and around the world! 

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